Amateur program

Amateur program

    A course for those who became the owner of the dog and decided to learn how to take care of it independently, in between visits to the salon. Masters covers in detail all issues of concern to hosts the daily care of a pet. Dogs of all breeds owners are invited.

Course program

  1. Veterinary medicine for dog owners (lecture read by the leading doctor of the SAS clinic)Main topics: Features of skin diseases of dogs. Diseases of the ears, eyes. Teeth and gums (cleaning, care, diseases). Injuries (cuts, dislocations, falls). Diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Parasites. Tick-borne infections (piroplasmosis). Microsporia. Allergic reactions. Animals attacks (fainting, epilepsy, etc.). Infectious diseases. Rabies;
  2. Daily care, the fight with mats;
  3. Schemes of combing, washing, laying;
  4. Cosmetics and necessary tools;
  5.  Hygiene procedures (claw clipping, ear and teeth cleaning, eye care, etc.);
  6. Hygienic haircut;
  7. For owners of hard-haired breeds - features of hard wool care, trimming terms, tools, shape preservation in the intervals between trimming;
  8.  Practicing the knowledge gained on their dogs or studio models.


    Course duration - 2 lessons of 5 astronomical hours.
    The first day is a theory, a lecture by a veterinary, and an exemplary pet care master class.
    The second day - consolidating the knowledge gained in practice under the guidance of an experienced master.


    A group consist of not more than 4 people.
    During the course all the necessary tools and cosmetics premium – class are provided.


    At the end of the course we issued a certificate.

Course fees

100 euros (payment is made in Belarusian rubles at the rate of the National Bank of Belarus on the day of payment ).

Information for foreign citizens

For citizens of 74 states, a visa-free procedure is established for entry into the Republic of Belarus, exit from the country at the checkpoint at the State Border of the Republic of Belarus in Minsk National Airport and temporary stay in Belarus for a period not exceeding 30 days.